About Us

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Complexical is a small technology firm, founded in 2022.

We provide bespoke, ethical consultancy on technical topics such as artificial intelligence and data strategy. We combine our extensive technical expertise with a commitment to environmental sustainability, social equity, and sustainable business practices.

We also have a research arm, funded by the proceeds of our consultancy services. Our aim is to apply research and data analysis techniques to social issues, particularly around improving inclusion and outcomes for marginalised and historically under-served communities, and use our technical skills to build tools and techniques to help. We believe that research can only serve society properly if participation is voluntary, and if every study’s aims and methods are fully understood by those participating. As such, we have a zero-exploitation policy for all our research.

Unlike many large tech companies and global consultancy firms, we’re not driven by maximising profit at all costs, and we are working towards B Corp accreditation. Learn more about our ethical stance.

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