AI & Data Services

Complexical brings together deep expertise in artificial intelligence, along with an ‘ethics first’ approach to tackling complex data problems.

Whether you’re a tiny startup just beginning to gather data, or a multinational organisation juggling multiple legacy systems, we can help you to:

  • Create a comprehensive data strategy that balances business needs, individual privacy, environmental responsibility, and regulatory requirements
  • Understand the data you hold, and what it can tell you
  • Identify key questions you’re not currently able to answer – and how to fix that
  • Develop data modelling that’s tailored to the things you care about, and focused on answering your most important business questions
  • Design and test AI solutions for your most complex challenges
  • Declutter your digital estate by throwing away the data you really don’t need, and organising the rest

Our technical expertise spans AI and machine learning, data analysis, language modelling, ontology construction and data modelling, graph theory, and statistics.

Many in the tech world treat ethical concerns as a side issue, to be addressed only after the main technical challenges have been solved. We believe this is the wrong way round. We are clear that bias in AI models is a performance problem, and that a biased model is an inaccurate model. Similarly, we are concerned with the increasing carbon footprint of ever-growing AI models (such as large language models), and we believe that smaller, more closely targeted models can often be more effective, more efficient, and cheaper, as well as being less harmful to our planet. We will never try to sell an overly-complex solution just to bring in future business, when a simpler approach may be just as effective.

Read more about our ethical AI and data services, or get in touch to talk about how we can help you.

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