Welcome to Complexical

Complexical is a small, independently funded research and technology organisation founded in 2022.

We provide bespoke, ethical consultancy on technical topics such as artificial intelligence and data strategy.

In our independent research program, we aim to use scientific approaches to better understand the nature of systemic inequalities, and to translate these findings into practical tools and techniques.

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AI & Data Strategy

These days, most organisations unwittingly generate huge volumes of data that they’ll often never even look at. This is a risk to individual privacy, to climate sustainability, and – if the worst happens – a threat to your organisation’s reputation and potentially crippling fines from regulators.

Our expertise can help you develop an effective, multi-stakeholder data strategy that enables you to get what you need from your data assets without compromising your organisation’s integrity.

A rainbow background with the word ‘neurodiversity’ centred and surrounded by terms including ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, synaesthetia, dyscalculia, tourettes

Original Research

Our research aims to better understand systemic inequalities, and identify practical, effective interventions. We believe research is at its best when participation is collaborative, with studies designed in conversation with the populations they are designed to help.

Our first project is looking into lived experiences of neurodiversity, processing differences, and mental health.